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The Crew Delayed by a Month for November Beta


The Crew Delayed by a Month for November Beta

With three games releasing on the same day, one of Ubisoft’s big fall blockbusters was bound to move out of the way. Today we learn that The Crew is delayed from its original November 11th by less than a month. The game will now release instead on December 2nd. Ubisoft’s blog explains that they came to this decision in order to fit in another closed beta:

That’s just a couple of months away – and less than a month later than the initial release date of November 11 – but there’s a good reason for the small delay. It’s because the teams at Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections are listening to all of you. In fact, a second console closed beta is planned for November, giving players another opportunity to jump into The Crew ahead of its release and help shape the game.

The Crew has already completed three closed betas – two on PC, plus a limited technical beta on new-gen consoles – and each time they’ve kept their ears to the road, listening and learning. Yes, they were fiddling with things like server loads and tinkering with technical adjustments (as all developers do during closed betas). But the real win for gamers: They also enhanced the game itself to deliver more of what you love.


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