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Civilization: Beyond Earth Official Gameplay Trailer


Civilization: Beyond Earth Official Gameplay Trailer

Firaxis Games officially revealed gameplay today on Youtube of Sid Meyers Civilization: Beyond Earth.

This turned based strategy game has evolved from the furthering of self-political interest to the very decisions that effect the future of humanity. Many features have been added to enrich the expansion of a civilization and its rewards, while maintaining the feel of how space exploration, colonization, and interaction with aliens will change this dynamic.

The gameplay trailer covers existing features in other Civilization games along with new ones, and how they blend to create a new feel for strategy. The video details the experience from choosing your political affiliation before takeoff, to declaring your victory after colonization. Phases of the game and their unique mechanics have been laid out in stages as planetfall, exploration, advancement, and victory.

Sid Meyers Civilization: Beyond Earth comes out on October 24 for PC. A must buy for any true fan of turned based strategy and the Civilization series.

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