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Chariot Rolls Over Some Serious Speedbumps on its Path to Being Functional (Review)


Chariot Rolls Over Some Serious Speedbumps on its Path to Being Functional (Review)

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The formula for platformers has always been a simple one. You jump from platform to platform, avoiding obstacles in the hopes of making it to whatever finish line awaits you. Frima Studio seeks to shake that up with their newest release Chariot.  Chariot is a 2D platformer that can be played either solo or cooperatively that introduces new mechanics to breathe fresh life into one of gaming’s staple genres.

In Chariot you are a princess and your father, the king, has died. As your daughterly duty you and your doting fiance escort his coffin to its final resting place. Upon your arrival, his spirit appears demanding a much more worthy sepulcher…and treasure, lots and lots of treasure. Now you and your husband to-be must journey through treacherous areas to grant the late king’s final wish.


The story, while simple, is quite charming. Chariot relies on short scenes of dialogue and random comments for the deceased royal to keep you filled in as you navigate the different areas of the game. The king is greedy, selfish and downright hilarious. He will warn you of impending doom and even call you to attention whenever he feels you’re slacking off. As you find the potential resting places he makes up new reasons for why you should press on. Between the king and the merchant there are no shortages in laughs to be had.

When you’re not spelunking you are welcome to come topside in order to choose a level, check out your trophies or visit the shop. It is here is where you will meet the skeleton shopkeep who is absolutely terrified of paper cuts. From him you can purchase tools and upgrades as long as you have the gold and necessary blueprints. The skeleton merchant is probably Chariot‘s oddest fellow. He is both helpful and kind, almost to a fault. His only desire is to be a great merchant and he does his very best. Whenever you come across him he always has helpful tips and some enjoyable comments.

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