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Celebrate BRO-CTOBER with a new Broforce Update and Trailer


Celebrate BRO-CTOBER with a new Broforce Update and Trailer

Listen up Bros, we’re knee deep in BRO-CTOBER and what better way to celebrate another month of patriotism and freedom than by watching a new tactical update trailer for Broforce from developer Free Lives Games. The trailer (above) highlights some new changes to the premiere patriotism simulator. The update includes two new bros based on Mad Max (Bro Max) and Kill Bill (The Brode), new missions and Steam Workshop access, which will allow players to create and share their own stages.

Watch the video and give the Brotastic press release (below) a look over for the full details on BRO-TOCBER update. Broforce is out now through Steam Early Access, and a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita release is also planned when they game officially releases sometime in 2015.

News from the bros at Devolver Digital today as Free Lives’ beacon of freedom and democracy, Broforce, has been updated on Steam Early Access with two devastating new bros, new campaign missions set in Eastern Europe, and full-blown Steam Workshop support. The updates have been air-dropped into Broforce and are now available for your enjoyment!
Bro Max, boomerang-wielding post-apocalyptic warrior from beyond the Thunderbrome, and The Brode, a yellow clad assassin with a taste for revenge, are now devastating enemies of freedom in the latest update to Broforce.

Bros will also have a slew of new missions to tackle solo or online with friends as Broforce introduces new Eastern European campaign missions brimming with vicious terrorists, deadly traps, and anti-American sentiment.

Additionally, Broforce is giving power back to the people with Steam Workshop support and the ability to design custom levels and share them directly on Steam. BROTASTIC. Through a fair and balanced voting process, the finest of these user-generated levels will rise to the top on Steam Workshop and govern lesser user-generated content as they see fit. Bromacracy in action.

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