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You Can Finally Buy Games Straight From Nintendo's Website


You Can Finally Buy Games Straight From Nintendo's Website

With very little fanfare, Nintendo has stealth released the functionality to buy digital games directly on their official website. Now, you can acquire new 3DS and Wii U games from the comfort of your computer.

The process is easy enough. Head to their new game store, pick a game, and then click “Buy Digital”. Bam! By linking your Nintendo ID you can have the game sent straight to your 3DS or Wii U, else you get a shiny new download code that can be punched in manually.

I can see it being useful for gift giving: You no longer need to go to a retailer to snag download codes, so now you can just give a scrap of paper with the code scrawled on it directly to your kids for Christmas. “Merry Christmas Kids! I swear this is legit!”

Personally, the exciting part of this for me is seeing Nintendo slowly pull itself into the digital age. What about you? Will you make use of this new functionality? Maybe this will give Nintendo the ability to have Black Friday sales like the Microsoft Store has been having? Only time will tell.

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