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Borderlands: The Pre-sequel Set to Launch on Steam OS


Borderlands: The Pre-sequel Set to Launch on Steam OS

Valve has been trying their hardest lately to get people to pay more attention to gaming on Linux systems. Their very own Steam OS (currently in beta) has had a lot of independent support but not much in the realm of larger titles. It’s great news then that 2K recently announced that Borderlands: The Pre-sequel would be launching on Steam OS alongside Windows.

In addition to promising a Borderlands: The Pre-sequel on Steam OS, 2K also released a port of Borderlands 2 for the operating system at a 75% discount.Even so, 2K’s support for the Linux-based gaming is only one piece of the puzzle. In order for Valve’s efforts to see significant success in the future, more big studios will have to release their games concurrently on both Windows and Linux so that gamers feel more secure in using Steam OS/Linux.

Borderlands: The Pre-sequel is slated for release on October 14th.

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