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Battleline: Steel Warfare Gets Announced by Bandai Namco


Battleline: Steel Warfare Gets Announced by Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Games America has just announced Battleline: Steel Warfare a new free to play game. This new title will be focused on online multiplayer combat using tanks and will be placing its bets on team playing and customization. The developing company has defined it as “real time strategy meets nation conquering meets tank shooter”.

In Battleline: Steel Warfare, players will be able to command squads of tanks and invade other territories in what has been called “geopolitical chess”. The amount of players in a match as well as how territorial conquest will work remain to be seen.

Beta signups are already available in the game’s official site even though no release date has been announced. Overall information is pretty scarce and I would really like to know a bit more about how helicopters affect the gameplay experience. There’s also that thing about map destruction, which I really hope will be a feature.

I’ll be sure to keep my eyes on this new project since it’s already looking pretty cool. Moreover, a well-achieved mix of genres can be quite refreshing for the F2P scene and add new options for players looking for a more strategic approach to war games.


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