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Battlefield 4 Players Are Still Getting Promises Instead of Apologies


Battlefield 4 Players Are Still Getting Promises Instead of Apologies

The issues around the Battlefield 4 launch are as fresh as new: players didn’t forget what happened and many are still venting their concerns and dissatisfaction all over the internet. It’s been such a big thing that I frequently see in-game comments trashing both the game and DICE between rounds.

Overall, things aren’t the same for most Battlefield fans and it seems we are not the only ones noticing this: in an interview for Gamespot, David Sirland, DICE LA producer, said: “I can absolutely say that we lost trust in the game’s launch.” This is a bit of an understatement for what really happened since, over a year later, players are still complaining about current and already-fixed bugs. The wound is still open.

Battlefield 4

Even when the game was actually being fixed, players were still noticeably upset.

I’ve played Battlefield games for over 12 years and I too was affected by all the problems Battlefield 4 had. For months we had to endure progress loss, rubberbanding, laggy servers, ridiculous glitchy one-shot kills and lots of other things. In addition, every new patch and expansion brought a whole new set of issues. I even remember being unable to use vehicle turrets for a while. Some examples can be seen in the video below.

This experience was quite shocking. We weren’t expecting such a poor delivery and the reasons for this let-down are pretty obvious: DICE has been producing Battlefield games for so long that we grew confident in their abilities. I mean, I’m not so innocent as to hope for a miracle, and I know that every new release is bound to require a mild tune-up, but the problems in Battlefield 4 were so off the charts and that I hope this was just an unexpected fluke for such an experienced studio.

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