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The Annihilator – Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide


The Annihilator – Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide

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Bosses in Lords of the Fallen often have some sort of elemental property which they rarely use. The Beast has poisonous abilities which have next to no effect and the Champion’s flame empowerment is nothing more than a damage boost. The Annihilator, Lords of the Fallen‘s lightning-fueled menace – who looks distinctively like the Uruk Hai which blew up the wall surrounding Helms deep – bucks this trend. His abilities are all centered around lightning and his big mace. Think of him as a rather evil version of Thor, only without the blond hair and desire to save Natalie Portman.

The Annihilator channels his inner god of thunder with the first attack he’s likely to throw against you upon entering his coliseum of carnage. Usually he will cast this whenever you find yourself out of his immediate melee range. If you see him cycling up to do this be prepared to move to the sides as quickly as possible. Dodge-rolling can help but it has a higher chance of leading to you still being hit if you’re too close.

He will be without his mace though, so use this to your advantage. After his weapon is flung, the Annihilator is without any means of attack for over 5 seconds. It might not seem like long, but this is a lifetime in Lords of the Fallen and it presents you with an opportunity to extend yours and lower his.

The Annihilator’s main means of murder is a pair of mace swings. While powerful if not blocked, these are incredibly slow and present the second crack in the Annihilator’s armor. The secondary swing is only enacted if you are still within range after his first. This gives you a surprising level of control over how and when you can damage this Lord. Use it because after the follow up attack, he will always remain stationary and exposed for a least 1 second.

His more deadly base attack is a mace-spinning combo. He slams his hammer into the ground with both hands before  dragging it across the stone floor in a circle. This then ends with a swift swing upwards and a final punishing downward strike. It might look a little strange when but there is reason behind his madness. If you are struck by the upward swing you’ll be sent skywards and slammed into the floor to take additional damage from the final pound. This can be avoided by moving away from him after the initial mace smash. Keep your shield up at all times and stay the hell away.

Before we go any further, you’d do well to note in typical Lords of the Fallen fashion he keeps these abilities throughout the battle while adding new ones to his roster.

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