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Alien: Isolation Leaked PS3 Screenshots Look Great


Alien: Isolation Leaked PS3 Screenshots Look Great

With the release coming next Tuesday, Alien: Isolation has a lot to prove, being in the shadow of the last Alien title. After all, Alien fans have been deprived of a good game for a long time. Screenshots leaked from AVP Galaxy of a Russian copy of the game depict at very least a solid looking image quality on PS3 last-gen hardware.

Alien: Isolation Environment
Images showcase the highly immersive gameplay with the minimal HUD display and the low-lit areas that fans of survival horror have become used to. SEGA has yet to release any official screenshots for last-gen, but these images are a good hint as to what we can expect from the least capable hardware, which is still impressive.
Alien: Isolation Medical Facility
Alien: Isolation will be released on PS3,  Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC October 7. With the game looking this good on last gen, any copy is going to be a great buy.

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