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5 Ideas That Prove SEGA Hates Your Money


5 Ideas That Prove SEGA Hates Your Money

The SEGA that exists today is a very different company than the one that many adults (then or now) grew up with in the 90s. Following the failure of its final home console, the Dreamcast, SEGA eventually quit the console making business and began focusing exclusively on software.

Since then, SEGA has been hot and cold when it comes to the quality of their games. Also, its iconic mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, has been tarnished in recent years after more than a few underwhelming games. Recently, SEGA has seen success as a publisher through its acquisition of talented companies such as Atlus and Creative Assembly. However, there’s no reason why their internal divisions couldn’t also match that level of success.

There are companies that would kill for the IP options SEGA has at its disposal, yet SEGA seems content with playing it safe in the United States. Not counting titles from companies that SEGA has acquired and publishes for, it’s mostly a lot of Sonic related games. SEGA has taken a few risks, and some have panned out (Valkyria Chronicles) while others haven’t (Binary Domain). For the most part though, it’s a lot of Sonic with your occasional Super Monkey Ball thrown in.

No one is suggesting that SEGA stop making Sonic the Hedgehog games (they sell well which is why SEGA keeps making them). However, SEGA has an arsenal of beloved IPs that for some inexplicable reason they choose to ignore. Here are a couple of game ideas that would allow SEGA to print money. But SEGA hates money so they probably will never get made.

Develop Skies of Arcadia 2


JRPGs for the most part have shifted away from big flashy console releases and over to small budget indie titles and handheld games. Sure there are a few obvious exceptions such as Square Enix of course, but it is nothing like it used to be in previous generations.

Cult (and critically acclaimed) favorite Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast is certainly one of the best JRPGs ever released for the final SEGA console and is arguably among the best of all time. Developers that were behind Skies are still around at SEGA and were part of the team that created the excellent Valkyria Chronicles series. So clearly they are still capable of making great RPG games.


Do these Valkyria Chronicles characters look familiar?

Many JRPG fans are starving for new high profile console games. If done right, SEGA and Skies of Arcadia could fill that niche, and become an upper echelon franchise for years to come.

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