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5 Hilarious Shadow of Mordor Glitches You Wish Would Happen to You


5 Hilarious Shadow of Mordor Glitches You Wish Would Happen to You

Hey there. Hope you’re enjoying Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. You know what would make the whole thing better, though? Some good, old-fashioned glitches.

Glitches, normally the bane of gamer-kind, can be plenty of fun if you take the time to appreciate how freakishly absurd they are. Sometimes, they even add a flavor the game was missing all along. Take a look at these 5 glitches that just make Shadow of Mordor more awesome.

1) Shadow of Mordor Rave Party

You haven’t lived until you’ve slain orcs under a neon rainbow sky. A graphical error in Shadow of Mordor sends the game spinning into discotheque mode and kicks fabulous gears into overdrive.

A claimed level designer and Reddit user chimed in, explaining the likely cause of the random rave initiation:

“Level designer here! Just some input here:

Basically what’s happening is that all of the light ‘sources’ kind of glitched out, and became brighter than they’re supposed to be. They’ve either ‘lost’ their values to be dull. For example, if I put a light source near a column, it can refract on the object, but the ultimate ‘source’ of the light can not and should not be seen.

In this instance, the lighting source bugged out, and is brighter than it should be, thus causing it to look like Las Vegas.” –ARasool

The glitch isn’t altogether terrible. Sure, the ground is an unidentifiable blur of high power bubble gum, but maybe Shadow of Mordor could use an add-on that widens the color scale a few million notches. Some (like user Ironze) go so far as to call it Shadow of Mordor: Blood Dragon.

2) Air-walking

Hopping off a Caragor isn’t easy. You have to get up, land on the ground, avoid stepping on a Caragor foot, and try not to break the laws of physics. Talion has a particularly hard time with that last one.

The popular stunt, called “air-walking,” doesn’t just flip you parallel to the ground. It turns you into a human pinwheel, redefines moon-walking, and avoids the generic vertical action overused in almost every video game, movie, and real life experience ever.


3) Skydiving

You are a badass. You enter battle, grab an orc, and what then? Stab him? Choke him out? No. You grab that sucker’s neck and rocket one million feet into the air, unflinching. Then you calmly fall thousands of feet, gracefully landing on the ground at terminal velocity. You don’t even bend your knees. And when you’ve landed, the battlefield has cleared. Your spectacle has ended all war.

Make sure you stand still once you’ve returned to earth as effortlessly as you left it. Enjoy the breeze in your hair, and wonder if you forgot that orc’s head back up in the atmosphere.

4) Just a few last words…

Orcs don’t exhibit a lot of self control. Completely besides the fact that they kill mindlessly and never shower, some of these guys just talk and talk and talk…

Head to 2:15 in the video below to witness Shadow of Mordor‘s longest Orc soliloquy. Glitch a Warchief into a shelf, and he’ll start telling you his life story… and apparently his life story is that you’re a dirty pig’s arse that he’s going to haunt forever.

The talkative Orc finally meets his end in this second video here. Sadly, the rune is glitched up on the shelf as well, and is entirely unobtainable. There’s some sort of “nobody puts baby in a corner” reference to be made here, but I worry the phrase is too dated, so let’s just all take a second and think up our own quirky wrap lines right about now.

5) Trampoline Mogg

Mogg the Other Twin has more than a flaming sword and sibling inferiority issues. He’s got the most badass Orc entrance in the game. Check around 4 minutes, and you’ll see Mogg jump into the fray with more style than any Uruk before him.

He’s almost certainly trying to recreate your earlier skyrocket maneuver, but I think orcs are a little… denser than your average wraith-man.

Have you come across any of these glitches while playing Shadow of Mordor? Maybe you’ve found a few fun game-bending bugs of your own. Let us know in the comments below.


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