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5 More Characters That Need to be Super Smash Bros DLC


5 More Characters That Need to be Super Smash Bros DLC

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The Nintendo universe is huge, and there are so many different contenders for who could be included in a Super Smash Bros DLC package that there was absolutely no way we could have stopped at the first 5 characters we brainstormed last month.

So here we go, here are 5 more characters who ought to be brought to Super Smash Bros DLC on the 3DS and Wii U.

Professor E. Gadd

Nintendo is no stranger to using the Super Smash Bros series as a way to help bolster the popularity of other series. There’s no question that Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo Gamecube was a success, and that much is reinforced with the decision to release a sequel on the 3DS, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Now while Luigi’s Mansion is indeed a beloved series, it isn’t always at the forefront of Nintendo fans’ minds. But, if Pit’s inclusion (among that of others) in Super Smash Bros Brawl is any indicator of the influence that the game can have on fans’ interest, then bringing Professor E. Gadd to the battle can have some impact on the Luigi’s Mansion series.

Still, don’t think that Professor E. Gadd’s inclusion as Super Smash Bros DLC would just be some sort of marketing scheme for Luigi’s Mansion; Professor E. Gadd would definitely be a fun and unique addition to the roster. Undoubtedly a mad scientist, E. Gadd is capable of making an innumerable amount of destructive, dastardly weapons he could use in battle. And this much is actually public knowledge, as a quick look at one of his Wiki pages will tell you just how many gadgets and devices he has been responsible for across the Nintendo universe for so many years now. Putting Professor E. Gadd into the game would definitely provide a zany, unique style of play.

And of course, there is something interesting about having a character on the edge of insanity as Super Smash Bros DLC, haha.

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