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The 5 Most Hilariously Awkward Sex Scenes in Gaming


The 5 Most Hilariously Awkward Sex Scenes in Gaming

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Narrative in games has developed into something that rivals the best of film and literature. Game writers and developers have worked together to create some of the most beautiful and engaging scenes known to man, scenes that evoke emotions we didn’t know we had and set us on journeys to other worlds. They’ve taken strides in understanding and portraying realistic emotion and interaction yet there is still one thing that, no matter how hard they try, they just can’t make less awkward.

The sex scene. A scene that shows the culmination of all your advances on your ship’s crew or that mythological goddess you’ve been coveting. As time presses on more and more games try to incorporate a sex scene that seems realistic and tasteful. A noble goal indeed. Unfortunately, what eventually happens is a scene that leaves you trying to shake off the awkward silence or laughing hysterically at your screen.

Let us take a look at 5 of the most awkward sex scenes to ever grace our screens.

1) Mass Effect

To any who have played this critically acclaimed trilogy there should be no surprise that Mass Effect makes this list. Throughout your travels as Commander Shepherd you come across many interesting characters and crew mates. Some of which may tickle your fancy and leave you to desire something…more. Something like maybe bedding an individual from an alien race in a cheesy sex scene.

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The developers at BioWare believe in the characters they created. So much so that they want you to be able to flesh them out in almost any way. This naturally includes romantic interests. It is really quite impressive how many options were provided for the player when it came to…”conquests.” Whether you played as vanilla Shepherd or the beloved Femshep, there was a sex scene for you.

One of the most awkward sex scenes is between female Shepherd and Garrus Vakarian a turian soldier who aids you through your missions. After you earn his loyalty you are able to pursue a relationship with him. What ensues is some of the most hilarious courting in video games. Garrus isn’t exactly a smooth individual and Femshep isn’t used to the anatomy of a Turian.

While seeking advice for your relationship, you are warned of chafing and offered pain killers for after your “fun.” You even receive information concerning comfortable positions for you and your alien lover. It seems BioWare made sure to make this romance and eventual sex scene as awkward for you as it was for Garrus himself. And they definitely delivered.

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