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The 4 Most "WTF?!" Things You'll See in Super Smash Bros


The 4 Most "WTF?!" Things You'll See in Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U boasts an enormous 51-character roster. All of these characters represent different worlds, series, and franchises within the Nintendo universe (and some even beyond). With this much diversity, you’re bound to see some weird stuff. Here are 4 of the most WTF?! things you’ll find in Super Smash Bros.

Full disclaimer: this is not a particularly serious article. By no means are any of the below-listed entries meant to reflect the overall quality of a fantastic game. All these are are just a couple things that will make you raise an eyebrow.

1) Villager and his Tree

Villager is without a doubt one of the more novel characters to join the battle in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U. Who ever thought that a casual townsman, with no real prowess for combat, could prove to be such a worthy foe?

Given his lack of explicit fighting ability in his parent series, Animal Crossing, it’s obvious that Nintendo needed to think outside of the box for his moves. One of these is most interesting indeed.

Villager’s down special allows him or her to plant a tree. Okay. Hit down special again and you will water said tree, making it grow into a healthy, sturdy, full-sized tree. Hit it one more time, however, and out of nowhere, Villager busts out an axe. What? But what’s the point of this special? Ultimately, it becomes a really elaborate mechanism through which Villager ought to yell out “timber!” and f#%k your @$$ up by chopping down a tree all over you.

Listen, this is absolutely one of the most absurd attacks you’ll find in the entire game, but it is downright hilarious when you stop for a second and really think about it.

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