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These 3 Characters are the Most Pointless Additions to the Super Smash Bros Roster


These 3 Characters are the Most Pointless Additions to the Super Smash Bros Roster

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The latest installment in the Super Smash Bros series brings us the largest roster of fighters we have ever seen. This time we have been given a staggering 51 characters from which to choose. Unfortunately, with some parts of the roster, it seems as though quantity was given more importance than quality. By this, I am referring to clone characters. Several clone characters exist in this iteration of Super Smash Bros, and it is certainly a shame, given the outstanding quality of almost every other roster inclusion.

These handful of characters are nearly identical to their parent characters, with the differences being almost entirely negligible. If clones must exist within the Super Smash Bros roster, they ought to at least be presented in fashions similar to Link-Toon Link, Captain Falcon-Ganondorf, and Fox-Falco, where they are at least given significant enough differences to feel like separate (though similar) characters as opposed to just different costumes that somehow managed to stand alone.

That said…lets’a go!

1) Dark Pit

Dark Pit Smash Bros 3DS Wii U

Dark Pit is certainly a character we could have done without on the Super Smash Bros roster. Spend a few minutes playing as both Pit and Dark Pit and you will find that the two are virtually identical characters. The differences between the two are almost exclusively cosmetic. Dark Pit has a different arm than does Pit. But ultimately, this doesn’t matter because that arm is used as part of the same attack anyway. It just looks slightly different.

The only other real difference that Dark Pit has from Pit is his Final Smash. Whereas Pit turns into something reminiscent of an awesome Trojan warrior, Dark Pit simply beams a powerful blast from his staff. Okay.

Like the others on this list, Dark Pit’s inclusion comes across as a half-hearted attempt to artificially bolster the amount of characters on the roster. It’s a bit disheartening, considering Nintendo knows how the fans feel about clone characters. It is also a bit disappointing because it feels as though Nintendo is trying to make the Kid Icarus franchise a bit more prominent, despite a lukewarm reception, at best.

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