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World of Warcraft Themed McDonald's Opens


World of Warcraft Themed McDonald's Opens

Wait! What? A World of Warcraft themed McDonald’s? Count me in.  As many of you know, World of Warcraft has a new expansion coming out called Warlords of Draenor.  It is releasing on November 13, and as a promotion for the expansion, Blizzard and NetEase have partnered up with the fast-food chain McDonald’s to create re-skinned restaurants in China. Yes, this promotion is only going on in China… I’m sad too.

They’ve added graphics from World of Warcraft  to the walls and tables, making them feel as if they were from Azeroth as opposed to Earth.There are currently 3 locations that have been remodeled for the promotion, but you can get in-game rewards by making purchases from any McDonald’s in China. You can redeem any in-game items that you get from the promotion here. Here are the addresses of the 3 locations of the World of Warcraft  themed McDonald’s:

  • BeijingHaidian district, 22 Ren Da Bei Lu, diagonally across from the Haidian Theater.
  • ShanghaiJing’an district, 388 Nanjing Xi Lu, first floor of the Xianyuesi plaza
  • Guangzhou233 Tianhe Bei Lu, China Citic Bank plaza first and second floors

If you’re going to go, you better hurry, because the promotion goes from today to November 4. Onward to the redeemable rewards!


Mcdonalds WoW 2
Mcdonalds WoW 7
Mcdonalds WoW 6
Mcdonalds WoW 1
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