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Why Watch Sports When You Can Play Sports Games?


Why Watch Sports When You Can Play Sports Games?

I love Cracked and they (at least) like us, as they one time talked about one of our articles on their site. In my head, that means they like Twinfinite. Automatically, yes.

Anyway, sometimes Cracked’s video crew takes to the world of video games with their series Escort Mission. I wanted to bring it to your attention just in case you weren’t aware of it. The internet speak is a little cringeworthy with the pop up text, since, you know, no one says “noob” or “leet” anymore. But that’s only for the intro and there’s a lot of value in their arguments. Plus, it’s nice to hear two sides to every topic they tackle. In this episode, they discuss whether there’s truly any more value in watching a sport instead of just playing sports games. I’ve always questioned why I would watch one when I could actually rule what happens on the field behind a controller. Then again, I’m a maniac with a God complex, and some people just aren’t into that. There’s value in both sides, I guess.

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