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In a Flood of Boring Game Releases, Destiny is Incredibly Special


In a Flood of Boring Game Releases, Destiny is Incredibly Special

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve really looked forward to a game release. Up until now the only game I’ve been waiting for is Kingdom Hearts 3. But the team over at Bungie seems to have other plans for me. They’ve managed to make me, someone who’s never been a fan of FPSs, excited for a new game. Just when I had ceased to look forward to the big AAA games, Destiny has come along and grabbed my attention.

I’ll be honest, I was never a fan of the Halo series. I really can’t put my finger on exactly why. I loved the artwork and character design. Multiplayer felt familiar but still had its own touch of originality. Nevertheless, the game never managed to pull me in and make me a fan. Because of this, I didn’t know what to think when Destiny was officially announced. It looked a lot like Halo to me, although it touted a few new features and mechanics. I immediately cast it out of my mind while I looked into other titles. That was until a little thing known as the Destiny Alpha came along.

Destiny First Look Alpha_20140613090005

I had attended the PlayStation Experience event here in New York City and was given some goodies after my attendance. One of these gifts was guaranteed access to an alpha for a game I wasn’t sure I wanted to play. Not one to turn down free games, I immediately redeemed my code and awaited the weekend. What I experienced over those few days left quite a huge impression.

Destiny has been touted as a “Shared World Shooter”. From the looks of it, that seems to mean something along the lines of MMO-lite. It is first and foremost a First Person Shooter (FPS), which is something that would normally not get me to purchase a title at launch. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider FPSs to be bad or anything of the like, they just aren’t my go-to genre. But it was that constant mentioning of Role Playing Game (RPG) elements that really kept piquing my interest.

Destiny Beta_20140720193744

I’m a sucker for a RPGs. Offer me a huge play area, a skill tree, and some pretty customizations and you might as well just go into my wallet and take out $60. But in the case of Destiny, I was still a bit apprehensive. I had been promised a game with these same features before and although it was fun, those promises felt sort of unfulfilled.

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