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Destiny's Vault of Glass Has Been Completed on Hard Mode


Destiny's Vault of Glass Has Been Completed on Hard Mode

Destiny‘s impossibly difficult raid, the Vault of Glass, has been taken to the next level. After a battle that took over 15 hours, the six man fire team of InvigorateGaming has conquered the raid on hard mode. The team, composed of a healthy balance of titans, a hunter, and a few warlocks, took down the Vault of Glass in exactly 15 hours 1 minute and 8 seconds.

The team was composed of Ltjohn5 (28 Titan), LolitsKirBY (29 Titan), xHawk-eye (29 Hunter), LuckyCharms343 (29 Warlock), Ewoktapus (28 Warlock), and nicktizziebear (29 Warlock). You can watch the last 9 minutes of the raid on LolitsKirBY’s YouTube channel and can catch future raids and gameplay from the team over on their Twitch channel.

If you haven’t quite grasped just how good these guys are at Destiny, the statistics from their run should help bring it into perspective. Between the six of them, the team endured a total of 2,189 deaths, killed 9,619 enemies, had 3,078 precision kills, and finished with an overall K/D ratio of 4.11. Seriously. Most of us can only dream of being that good.

This victory follows only 7 days after another team, Primeguard, became the very first to complete Vault of Glass on its normal difficulty. That first run took 10 hours, which is only five hours short of how long it took InvigorateGaming to complete it a week later. Primeguard came very close to being the first to beat the Vault on Hard Mode, finishing their run only four hours after InvigorateGaming.

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