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Twinfinite Is Giving Away A Bunch of Free Games!


Twinfinite Is Giving Away A Bunch of Free Games!

All of us at Twinfinite love video games (duh), but we love our FANS even more. To show our appreciation to all our great fans, we’re giving away a bunch of free games!

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What are we giving away? Why, I’m glad you asked: Five lucky Twinfinknights (That’s you!) will get one of these six games from across the spectrum of gaming:

Lethal League (Steam) – An awesome new baseball fighting game (yes, really) that we loved.
Magicmaker (Steam) – A fun magic-crafting dungeon crawler that hits all the right notes.
Crayon Physics Deluxe (Steam) – A clever physics-puzzle game with tons of levels.
The 7th Guest & The 11th Hour (Steam) – A kooky FMV game from the 90’s.
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Steam) – A beautiful action adventure with a fantastic soundtrack.
Dynasty Warriors 8 (PS3) – We love the Warriors games here, especially this fun hack-and-slasher.

So how do you win? It’s simple:

1. Follow Twinfinite on Twitter.

2. Subscribe to us on YouTube.

3. Tweet exactly this: “Happy Tuesday! @Twinfinite is giving away a bunch of games to their fans, and I’m their favorite! Check it out here:



You need to include everything between the quotation marks to be eligible. You can enter every day until the contest is over, changing the day of the week (Happy Wednesday! Happy Thursday! Etc). So in total you can enter four times. Because I like to gamify everything, prizes will be selected at random!

Good luck to all who enter! The contest will run from now until Friday at midnight EST, may the odds be ever in your favor!
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