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Trade in Your Violent Video Games For…Ice Cream?


Trade in Your Violent Video Games For…Ice Cream?

Well, it’s better than just having a big old bonfire I guess.

A campaign spearheaded by Marin County District Attorney Ed Berberian is underway for people to, as they would with weapons, trade in their violent video games in exchange for money or even…ice cream. This program, as described in the Marin County Independent Journal, is offered in conjunction with Ben & Jerry’s and the Center for Domestic Peace and is designed to round up toy guns and violent video game as a way of raising awareness for a “culture of violence” that pervades modern American society.

According to the article, this initiative is also partly in response to the tragic shooting of 13 year-old Andy Lopez, who was shot by a police officer while carrying a toy gun that looked like an AK-47. At this time it is unknown what his shooting has to do with video games, or when Marin County would be instituting a program to turn in trigger-happy police officers, but we’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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