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5 Reasons Why Toad is Nintendo's Greatest Character


5 Reasons Why Toad is Nintendo's Greatest Character

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Today is Nintendo’s 125th anniversary, and they are proving to be as vital as ever. Sure, the Wii U isn’t selling quite as many copies as the other consoles but that’s only one small piece of the puzzle. They are the uncontested masters of the handheld market, and they have permanent residence on a niche that nobody else in video games can even touch.

Nintendo’s universe is full of decades’ worth of great and memorable characters. Everybody has a favorite as well; Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, Pikachu,…you could debate this for hours without even breaking a sweat. Well I’m going to end the debate once and for all and talk about the greatest character in the Nintendo universe; a little man-boy with a mushroom hat, Toad. He is as ubiquitous a character as any in the Nintendo/Super Mario canon, and in many ways he has been underappreciated. What many people don’t understand however is that he has a number of amazing attributes that make him absolutely delightful and unique.

He’s Freaking Adorable

"I love you too, Toad!" <3 <3 <3

“I love you too, Toad!”

I mean COME ON! Just look at this little bastard and tell me he isn’t the cutest character of them all. He’s always cheerful, is quick to let out a spirited yelp for everyone, and generally bring a smile to everyone’s face. There’s something about his combination of Aladdin-themed vest, white shorts, and mushroom hat that evokes pure joy. There is basically nothing you can do to Toad that makes him not adorable; hell, even a Zombie Toad is cute.

"We are all the Platforming Dead"

“We are all the Platforming Dead”

In a universe full of cute characters, Toad has that extra little dash of ‘awww’, and he brings it every time.

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