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Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC Hitting This Week


Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC Hitting This Week

Respawn has released a new trailer for Titanfall‘s final DLC map pack, IMC Rising. The maps included in the pack are Backwater, Zone 18, and Sand Trap. The video above gives a brief breakdown of each of the maps with awesome footage of kills in the new maps. Seriously, one player quick-scoped across the freakin’ map! Below are the descriptions of each of the new maps from Respawn:


Backwater is defined by its elevation changes. The rice paddies give Titans room to dash and duel in open fields, but gaining the high ground in the center of the map is often the superior tactical option. Meanwhile, Pilots can travel underground through grain storage facilities to escape Titans and move from hardpoint to hardpoint. The Pilot spaces were designed to be simple and compact, keeping the action fast and constant. Ziplines are used to allow Pilots to cross “no-man’s land” from building to building. “No-man’s land” is a term we use to describe larger areas without cover between 2 lines of combat, with the intention of keeping players fighting from designed strongholds until it’s time to push forward.

Zone 18

Inside an old IMC base hidden in the vast wilderness of the Dakota system, advanced IMC robotics research continues, despite the destruction of Hammond Robotics’ corporate headquarters on the Frontier. Until recently, the Militia knew the region only as the decommissioned “Zone 18”, the way it was labeled on stolen IMC maps provided by Barker. Now, picking up mysterious sensor readings from the area, the Militia deploys recon teams to investigate.


Level design has a truly special role in a multiplayer game. Not simply a place for people to meet and fight, a level lets the player showcase skills, hone their tactics or just play with their favorite toys. Development is a constant state of flux however, and levels shift and flow to follow the fun while we discover different ways to play the game. Each level teaches designers something new about the game and fun ways to play it. Sand Trap is my attempt take some of my favorite lessons from Titanfall development along with some new ideas and put them together to make a brand new experience.

Titanfall: IMC Rising will be available on September 25th on Xbox One and PC for $9.99 (included for free with the season pass).

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