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Thomas Was Alone Rated for Xbox One and WiiU


Thomas Was Alone Rated for Xbox One and WiiU

Thomas Was Alone has seen remarkable success on each platform it has arrived upon. Mike Bithell’s side-scrolling platformer slowly but surely has spread itself over onto everything from PlayStation Vita to iOS most recently. Well, most recently until today that is as the German Ratings Board USK has posted classifications for the game on its website.

There is still no word of a release date but the title, being published by Curve Studios, was submitted for classification to USK earlier this month. So far the ratings (classified as 0 which means no age restrictions necessary) have shown up for both Xbox One and WiiU but no word on a PlayStation 4 rating yet. This may come later today or may arrive tomorrow (it is quite common for ratings to lag behind by a day or so).

This is good news for both the Xbox One and WiiU as the game still sees critical acclaim and success rolling all over it. Bringing the game which catapulted Mike Bithell, currently working on Volume, to more platforms means more gamers are likely to pick up the game. Wins all round it would seem are coming as more media attention starts to center around the development celebrity.

Thomas Was Alone focuses upon several out-of-control AI processes who are each imbued with an individual personality, and whose adventures are narrated by Danny Wallace. If you still haven’t tried the game and own a PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PC, Linux System, iOS or Android Device, you can go grab the title right now.



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