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6 Games That Will Definitely Shine in November's Busiest Release Window


6 Games That Will Definitely Shine in November's Busiest Release Window

In another piece I spoke about November 17-23, also known as Thunderdome Week, and the six games I felt would get buried by the chaos of that week long release window.  The following six games are very different, and will absolutely stand above the rest of the games released during Thunderdome Week, and perhaps even stand above some of the other big releases earlier in the year’s busiest month for gaming.

1. LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4/PS3) – November 18

Continuing the theme of seemingly child-centric, yet incredibly wide-spanning, LittleBigPlanet 3 has a much sturdier foundation than The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom due to the great games that came before it, both from original developer Media Molecule and current franchise developer Sumo Digital.  The franchise’s emphasis on creativity is definitely still its best trait, only slightly edging out the cuteness factor brought by Sackboy, the game’s mascot.  The aforementioned creativity is only continuing to be emphasized, with creation tools continuing to be added to the massive number of options carried on from previous games, giving longtime fans reason enough to come back for more.  The introduction of three new mascots- Swoop, Toggle, and Oddsock- work to enhance the cute factor, as well as provide intriguing new cooperative options for the puzzle-platforming gameplay.  Sumo Digital has already proven worthy of carriying on the LBP mantle, and now with LBP 3 they seem to only be making things better.


2. Dragon Age: Inquisition (Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS4/PS3/PC) – November 18

First of all, this game gets some extra Thunderdome points for being the first one in this crazy list to release simultaneously on FIVE platforms.  That really helps in the sales category.  Aside from that, Dragon Age: Inquisition looks to be a potential return to form for the Bioware series, as many felt that Dragon Age II just wasn’t as interesting or true to its tactical RPG roots established in Dragon Age: Origins.  It doesn’t hurt that Inquisition is a stunning game, both graphically and in terms of art style.  The gameplay still seems poised to give you options between more action oriented combat and a slower tactical approach.  Inquisition will also be the first in the series to have multiplayer in the form of a separate cooperative mode.  It seems increasingly rare for a major game to release with no multiplayer component, and it will be interesting to see how fans take to this new mode, if they do at all.  This game was also delayed a few weeks, so hopefully that extra time will mean a really polished, meaty RPG experience for Dragon Age fans.

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