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TGS 2014 – Sunset Overdrive is the Reason to Get an Xbox One (Preview)


TGS 2014 – Sunset Overdrive is the Reason to Get an Xbox One (Preview)

After trying out Japanese game after Japanese game, I decided to take a little break by checking out Sunset Overdrive over at the Xbox booth. Without warning, I was tossed headfirst into a multiplayer stage with seven other unsuspecting journalists in some sort of ‘base defense’ game mode.

Zombies will rush at you from various sides of the map and it’s your job to protect your energy vats from getting destroyed by them. Right off the bat, Sunset Overdrive gives you a good selection of weapons to choose from. There were about 10 options in my weapon wheel, including a grenade launcher, an assault rifle, and a flamethrower. The guns were loud and colorful, and nothing gave me greater pleasure than watching the zombies explode into a pile of bright colors each time I shot them down.

Combat is quick and chaotic in Sunset Overdrive where you get to leap onto wires and rain bullets on your foes down below. Melee attacks are executed with laser swords, making the game all the more colorful. As wave after wave of enemies charge at you, stronger enemy types will start making an appearance too. There was a big hulking blob that lurched its way over to our energy vat and the whole team’s effort was required in taking it down.


After the second or third wave of enemies, we were then given a short period of time to set some traps for the upcoming wave. The types of traps that you get seem to be random as some players got turrets, while others got to set up invisible walls to create misdirection for the zombies.

Despite being a co-operative mode, players do compete with each other too in terms of how many points they can rack up from killing enemies.

Getting from one place to the next really is the highlight of Sunset Overdrive as you have the ability to grind on ropes and wires. This is helpful in getting you out of tight spots and giving you an edge over the zombies as it’s easy to leap behind them and attack.

Overall, the game just exuded a sense of addictive, neon energy. It’s a fresh take on the whole ‘zombie apocalypse’ theme that’s become so common with video games these days and it switches things up with its happy-go-lucky attitude. In fact, I daresay that this just might be the one game that convinces me to buy an Xbox One.

Sunset Overdrive will be made available exclusively for the Xbox One on 28th October.

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