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TGS 2014 – Final Fantasy Type-0 is a Ton of Hack and Slash Fun (Preview)


TGS 2014 – Final Fantasy Type-0 is a Ton of Hack and Slash Fun (Preview)

One of my most anticipated titles at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Originally released for the PSP in Japan some years back, many fans thought this game would never get localized. Thankfully it will be, and I can tell you right now, this game has been worth the wait.

The hands-on demo threw me headfirst into the action; I took control of Rem and was accompanied by Ace and Seven as we moved into enemy territory together. As soon as the demo began, a number of enemy soldiers surrounded my party and I was forced to fight my way through them. Rem is primarily a magic-user, so her physical attacks are significantly weaker as compared to Ace and Seven. The four face buttons on the controller are mapped to four different actions: a normal attack, dodge, a thunder spell, and a fire spell.


Rem is fast on her feet, and hitting the dodge button allows her to step swiftly aside as enemies rush past her. The combat in Type-0 can feel chaotic and overwhelming at times with how quickly everything progresses but it’s great fun as soon as you get the hang of it. By tapping RB, or R1, you will lock onto the nearest enemy and this helps to keep your character focused on a single target so that players won’t feel like their attacks are flying all over the place.

As I continued my mission of storming the enemy fortress with Ace and Seven, stronger enemy types started to show up. Large man-controlled tanks jumped in my way and these were definitely a lot more durable than the wimpy soldiers I’d been fighting previously. However, these weren’t much of a threat as I had the ability to transform my character into an Eidolon to deal massive damage to the soldiers and mechs. This ability will come at the cost of your character’s life, though that was easily dealt with as the demo version allowed all your characters to have Auto-Raise cast on them.


There was something strangely addictive about the hack-and-slash elements of Final Fantasy Type-0 and nothing gave me greater pleasure than to see the beautiful thunder and fire spells flash across the screen as Rem cut through her foes like butter. The gameplay is fast-paced and enjoyable, and delivered a pretty solid experience overall.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is set to release on the PS4 and Xbox One on 17th March 2015, and this is a title that I will definitely be picking up on day one.

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