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4 Reasons Why Tetris: The Movie Could be Amazing


4 Reasons Why Tetris: The Movie Could be Amazing

It turns out a film adaptation of Tetris…yes, Tetris, is in development. According to The Wall Street Journal, a development company called Threshold Entertainment is going to be working with the Tetris Company to adapt it into a live-action, “epic sci-fi movie.” At this time there is no director, actors, or screenwriter attached; only a concept. What this means is that the project could go in any number of directions and turn into a wide variety of movies. It could also turn into nothing which, let’s face it, is the most likely scenario.

I’ll be honest that my first impression was to scoff at the ridiculousness of making Tetrisinto a movie. After having my morning cup of coffee and thinking about it however, I’m starting to ponder the possibilities. As the day goes on, I’ve become fully convinced thatTetris: The Movie could be truly amazing for a number of reasons.

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