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10 Never-Before-Seen Beautiful Shots of Venus on Destiny


10 Never-Before-Seen Beautiful Shots of Venus on Destiny

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You may not have heard yet, but this game from the guys who made Pathways Into Darkness and birthed some little game called Halo came out worldwide today. I think its called Destiny but I’ll have to check that later. Anyway, during the process of writing the review for this barely marketed holiday release I had time to grab a few screen shots of Venus. Before going any further I’ve got to say, this planet looks so nice. A wonderful jungle world with something of a lost temple feel to it all.

Anyway enough jabbering on, here’s the shots.

Oh and one more thing, if you are trying to avoid spoilers — SPOILER ALERT. Also, click the images for higher resolution views.

This is one of the first sights to greet you on Venus. A darkened sky into which the distant volcano spews blue…stuff.

It isn’t exactly Route 66 but a road is still a road. Can’t expect everything to be paved over on a terraformed Venus. Also worth noting is the Venus statue.

Venus isn’t all shiny forests and ash storms; there’s more than a fair share of indoor locations. This section beneath the foundations of one such building is a fine example.

Impressive as it may be, I don’t think the retail value of that building is going to be particularly wonderful with all that foliage growing out of it. Looks like a sandwich left outside for a month.

Low-angled sunlight can cause blindness. Except in Destiny, where it caused copious amounts of hand-biting wonder.

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