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Super Time Force Ultra Review


Super Time Force Ultra Review

I firmly believe that time travelling works with, and even improves, most of the things we like from movies and books to video games. There is something both awesome and uncertain about games that allow me to mess with time continuity that just pushes all of my buttons. Super Time Force Ultra is yet another example of this.

STFU (yeah, I know) is a pretty funny retro-style platformer action game in which players become part of a time travelling special force destined to save the world from evil forces along several historic eras ranging from the Prehistoric Age to the distant future.

Now, the thing about this title developed by Capybara Games is that the time travelling theme is everywhere. As I initiated my journey of heroism and badassitude I died, and actually pretty fast, which activated the Time Out instance. I was then able to rewind time until my hero was still alive and use another (or even himself) to save him from danger. Almost like cheating.

It sounds a bit simpler than it actually is. Time Out lets you rewrite the timeline of the level you are playing by adding another character to the fight. This is useful in a whole lot of ways: saving your previous lives adds them to your current character, giving them extra resistance to damage while adding an extra special attack effect (which depends on the hero you saved). In addition. the time travelling skills can be activated to add extra firepower during crowded scenes or boss fights.

STFU seems pretty easy, right? Wrong. Each level has to be finished in a determined amount of time which means you actually have to hurry up. This is a pain, since your characters die pretty easily. Even though you can add time to the counter by collecting some items, effectiveness is quite necessary. In addition, Time Out can’t be used limitlessly and despite having a generous amount of “extra lives”, I had to use them strategically.

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