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Super Lemonade Factory Leaves a Sour Taste, Needs More Sugar (Review)


Super Lemonade Factory Leaves a Sour Taste, Needs More Sugar (Review)

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Super Lemonade Factory is a puzzle platform game developed and published by Initials. Taking place during World War II, you and your wife are now the proud new owners of a soft drink factory left to you by your father. Using the abilities of the happy couple you must navigate each area of the facility and prove your worth to your staff and others. Throughout your adventure you may even learn a thing or two about the factory and its inhabitants.

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At the very beginning of Super Lemonade Factory you are introduced to six individuals. You have your playable characters Andre and Liselot, who were offered the factory in exchange for one request by Andre’s father. Then you have the supporting cast: the foreman, the chef, the food inspector and the general. Each individual characters boasts his or her own characteristics and goals.

These characters are actually the best traits Super Lemonade Factory has on display. If this game gets one thing right, it is the writing. As you play through the different areas and speak to each of the characters you start to learn a little more about their lives and their motives. You get a feel for each individual and even start to understand their predicaments.

Speaking to the general and realizing that he cares about one thing and one thing only gives you a feel for how hard it must have been to run a business in this time. With war continuing outside the walls, many turn to you for support. Speaking to Andre gives insight into his childhood and how he feels about his father’s massive factory. You can keep track of which levels you completed the convos in by badges on the level select screen. You gather these anecdotes from your staff and other characters by using Liselot to speak to each individual which makes the story engaging. The problem is, after some time it became increasingly difficult to want to seek out these tidbits.

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Super Lemonade Factory is a single player cooperative experience. This means that you are put in control of two different playable characters, with two different complementary ability sets. You do have the option to play 2 player split screen (no online multiplayer unfortunately) but if you are to get any enjoyment going in, solo is your best bet. Having control of both characters gives you the enjoyment of the little strategy present in the game.

Andre is able to break large crates and jump. You can also use his crate smashing attack to extend your jumps for a bit of extra distance. Liselot isn’t as strong as her husband, but she is able to double jump and is your sole means of communication with all the characters. You are able switch between them on the fly although one of them will often be trapped requiring you to free them with the other. In order to move around quickly whenever the happy couple is together you can give Liselot a piggyback ride so you don’t have to move them individually.

It’s pleasant enough in the beginning. I enjoyed traversing each individual room and figuring out the simple puzzles. These, in part, consisted of pushing crates down for Andre so that he can reach new heights and be reunited with his wife. In addition, you can stop to talk to the NPCs on my way to the exit of each stage. The simple gameplay mixed with the solid writing made for an enjoyable experience. At least until I progressed.

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