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Super Smash Bros. WiiU GameCube Bundle Art Revealed


Super Smash Bros. WiiU GameCube Bundle Art Revealed

The revival of the GameCube Controller is the best thing to happen to gaming since Pong. To celebrate the upcoming resurrection, The official box art for the Super Smash Bros. WiiU GameCube Controller bundle has been revealed via Amazon. The box, shown below in a sleek collectable black, features the art for the retail copy of Smash Bros. on the front, with an elegant image of the controller in question right below. The visible side and top of the box are adorned with the timeless Super Smash Bros Wii U logo, once again on a black background.

Super Smash Bros GameCube Bundle

The box is almost as beautiful as the GameCube controller itself. The bundle is up for preorder now. For a mere $99 dollars, you can be the proud owner of Super Smash Bros Wii U, a black GameCube Controller featuring the Smash logo, and a four controller GameCube to WiiU adaptor. The game and the bundle are currently without a release date, but I’m crossing my fingers for a Holiday 2014 release.

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