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Skyrim's Swords and Axes Are Hilariously Impractical


Skyrim's Swords and Axes Are Hilariously Impractical

Most of the weapons of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim wouldn’t be effective if put into a real life battle. There is an incredible amount of diversity in the weapon system of Skyrim, but, in this video, Skallagrim shows us exactly why some might just not work out if you were to use them in your everyday life.

He goes in depth on the dimensions and the shapes of several weapons, pointing out what works and what doesn’t in the heat of battle. He even makes his own renditions of some of the weapons, highlighting the parts he has changed and explaining why they are better than the original design (from a real-life standpoint, of course).

One of the most ridiculous weapons he talks about is Skyrim’s Daedric Axe. It’s absurdly counterproductive in its entire design. The unbelievably large size aside, there is a blade pointing towards you for crying out loud!

Another of the crazy weapons he talks about is an Elven Axe. The axe’s handle has spikes pointing toward the bottom the weapon, endangering the hands of the person gripping it. If one were to try to re-grip or move their hands to a different spot on the handle, they might just end up cutting their entire hand up.

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