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PlayStation Now Beta Has Launched for PS3


PlayStation Now Beta Has Launched for PS3

At the end of July, the PlayStation Now beta, a test for Sony’s game streaming service, was launched for the PlayStation 4.  Now, it looks like the rollout for the service will continue with Sony’s last generation console.

Starting today, PlayStation 3 users will be able to use the streaming service, which continues to slowly add more games, and experiment with pricing for streaming.  Over 150 PS3 games will be available to PS3 owners in North America.

The rollout will continue later this year with the beta eventually coming to Sony Bravia televisions, as well as the PlayStation Vita and upcoming PlayStation TV.  With the service expected to reach Europe next year, it seems like by this time next year PlayStation Now could be a staple of the PlayStation experience, if they can nail the proper offerings at the right price.

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