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Phil Spencer Confirms – Minecraft is Now Owned by Microsoft


Phil Spencer Confirms – Minecraft is Now Owned by Microsoft

After being rumored for quite awhile, Phil Spencer has announced today that Minecraft developer Mojang will be joining Microsoft. This announcement comes with a long video that has Spencer discussing how they were motivated by Minecraft continuing to be at the top of the Xbox Live download chart since its release.

Speaking to the future of Minecraft on all devices, he states:

“Whether you’re playing on a Xbox, whether you’re playing on a Playstation, an Android or iOS device, our goal is to continue to evolve and innovate on all those platforms.”

Spencer also specifically mentioned Notch and the gang, which makes me wonder if Notch will stay on board–after rumors of his departure following their buyout.

Does this mean that potential Minecraft sequels will be Xbox One exclusive? Only time will tell, but with a supposed $2 billion price tag, Microsoft will have to find some ways to recoup their costs.

UPDATE: On their official blog, it has been stated that Notch and the other founders of Mojang are leaving. It was also confirmed that Microsoft paid a “cool 2.5 BILLION dollars” for their new prize.

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