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Ori and the Blind Forest's Beautiful Prologue Trailer


Ori and the Blind Forest's Beautiful Prologue Trailer

Debuting at Tokyo Game Show 2014, Xbox and Moon Studios have revealed the opening prologue for the upcoming Ori and the Blind Forest. You can watch the video above and read the official description below:

In the prologue to Ori and the Blind Forest, we learn Ori was separated from the Spirit Tree during a great storm.  The gentle and nurturing Naru finds and rescues the orphan, and we quickly see a parent/child bond develop as the pair spend sunny days in the Forest of Nibel and feast on the bounty of nature’s harvest.  Late one night, Ori awakes to a great sound echoing through the forest. It is the Spirit Tree calling out to Ori, but when Ori does not answer, the tree erupts with light and its power soon fades. Without the life energy of the great tree, the forest soon begins to die.

Ori and the Blind Forest will be available later this year on Xbox One and PC.


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