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Oculus Rift's New Prototype Improves Everything


Oculus Rift's New Prototype Improves Everything

Oculus Rift’s new prototype, Crescent Bay, is certainly an eye opener. Unveiled today, the latest version of the revolutionary virtual reality handset brings Oculus’s continued vision steadily closer to realization.

A few of the new prototype’s features include:

  • 360-degree tracking, reducing the chance of nausea.
  • Integrated audio. The headphones are built in, but are optional.
  • Improved resolution and framerate.
  • Lighter headset in order to make the experience more seamless.

According to the company’s Chief Executive, Brendan Iribe, all these features combine to generate a  “sustained presence, and makes you truly believe you’re in a virtual world comfortably.”

Oculus Rift has already generated significant momentum, having shipped away over 100,000 prototypes to over 130 countries. While there is yet to be a release date, Iribe encourages us to remain optimistic, stating that while this latest version of Oculus “is not the consumer version,” they are “sprinting towards it.”

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