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Should We Care About Destiny's Exclusive PS4 Content?


Should We Care About Destiny's Exclusive PS4 Content?

In case you haven’t heard, Destiny is the upcoming game by Halo (a game in which you play as a space marine and shoot aliens) developer Bungie in which you play as a space marine type, and shoot aliens. As an added bonus, if you are one of the lucky ones to have a PS4 you will get exclusive access to an extra special mission in which…you play as a space marine type and shoot aliens. The content is a Dust Palace Strike mission, and it’s co-op for three players who have reached level 18 who are tasked with…well, I don’t want to spoil anything.

Now if you’re really excited about Destiny, then this news is probably a big deal regardless of what side of that big imaginary conflict that massive corporations have told you exists (AKA ‘the console war’) you are on. Reactions I’ve seen to this news out there are utterly predictable, and frankly kind of hilarious. As if on cue, Microsoft fans are complaining that nobody is criticizing Sony for its exclusive content after all that Tomb Raider nonsense, and Sony fans are acting like it’s some major victory that they’ll get to play some generic looking throwaway mission one year before Microsoft fans.


I think that’s really the issue for me; the content itself seems so insubstantial that it’s hard to understand why anybody even cares. On one hand, I think the whole idea of third-party exclusivity is kind of dumb and only hurts developers because it limits their potential audience. On the other hand, if you are a company that is securing some kind of exclusive deal with a third-party developer, maybe it would be a good idea to actually offer something that actually sets it apart; a new game mode or a new character class.

In the end, none of this really matters because Destiny‘s biggest fans have already preordered it, bought the T-Shirt, and drafted their hateful comments for outlets that give it less than a perfect score when it comes out next week. I do hope PS4 fans enjoy this extra mission for what it is, and I hope everyone else finds solace in the fact that it doesn’t really look like they’re missing anything much. Besides, by the time Dust Palace Strike is available on Xbox One next year, Activision and Bungie will probably have announced Destiny Remastered so everyone can go buy it all over again.

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