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NES-Themed 3DS XL Announced, Gamestop Exclusive


NES-Themed 3DS XL Announced, Gamestop Exclusive

If  you’ve been clamoring to get your hands on some of Nintendo’s recently announced 3DS models, you’re going to have to wait until 2015. On the bright side, Nintendo recently announced at a GameStop Conference that an NES-themed 3DS XL exclusive to GameStop in North America is coming in October.

The NES 3DS XL (pictured above) will be priced at $199.99. Nintendo also confirmed two other 3DS models — The Super Smash Bros Edition 3DS XL (to be released at multiple retailers) and the Persona Q Edition 3DS XL (GameStop Exclusive) — will be coming out on September 19th and November 25th respectively. Neither model includes the associated game.

The NES 3DS XL is slated for release in North America on October 10th.


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