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NBA Live 15 is 'Different'


NBA Live 15 is 'Different'

NBA Live 15 is on the horizon, and EA doesn’t want you to dwell over that last one.

NBA Live 14 is sitting at a blood-red 43 on Metacritic, while its main competition, NBA 2K14, nearly doubles that with an 85.

You’d be forgiven for questioning EA’s confidence in the reboot of NBA Live after last year’s disastrous entry. However, lack of confidence doesn’t seem to be the case. EA has released the first trailer for NBA Live 15, and it’s incredibly self-aware of last year’s foibles. The trailer is accompanied with a song as blunt as it is apropos, “I’m Different” by 2 Chainz. The trailer itself is titled “NBA Live Improved Visuals Trailer.” Improved visuals is putting it lightly, the game looks fantastic. According to a press release from EA, the trailer is comprised completely of gameplay.

NBA Live 15 is launching on October 7, on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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