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Minecraft – Xbox One and PS4 Review


Minecraft – Xbox One and PS4 Review

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Let’s face it, you have probably already played or tried Minecraft before reading this. One of the best selling video games of all time with 54 million copies sold, nearly everyone has tried their hand at mining and crafting in Mojang’s cult hit. Today marks the game’s debut on the current generation of consoles and as you may have guessed, it is better than ever.

Minecraft‘s transfer to the current-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles have been handled by Scottish developer 4J Studios. Just like the ports to the 360 and the PS3, Minecraft on the Xbox One and the PS4 isn’t an exact replica of the original PC game but is a faithful translation. Except for some minor differences, the current-gen editions play nearly identically to the their old-gen counterparts.

In conjunction with 4J’s generous upgrade plan ($4.99 for those who owned it on 360 and PS3, $19.99 for everyone else), the newest editions of the game are perfect for continuing the fun from before and for years to come. You can even port over your previous saved worlds and purchased DLC from the previous gen into the newest editions, meaning all the work you did on your previous worlds won’t be for naught.

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For those who have yet to experience Minecraft, the devilishly simple secret to the game’s success and allure is just that: simplicity. Minecraft drops you into a open-world and gives you no other objectives, the way you spend your days is completely up to you. You have the means and resources to craft an adventure that ranges anywhere from erecting a massive fortress, to living as a nomad exploring the land, to travelling to the Netherworld and facing the Ender dragon. Minecraft is this generation’s LEGO, it provides the means for people to set their imagination free and create an experience that fulfills their creativity.

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