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Find out How Many Miles Mario Runs in Super Mario Bros.


Find out How Many Miles Mario Runs in Super Mario Bros.

Mario isn’t the exact epitome of athleticism. Nintendo makes it a point to brand your friendly neighborhood plumber as a slightly chubby, mustached hero. One cannot deny, however, that Mario has slimmed up over the last few years. How? Turns out, it’s because he runs more than a 5K in Super Mario Bros.

Mario Over Time

Upon a reader’s suggestion, mental_floss took to deciphering Super Mario Bros. and working out just how far Mario travels throughout the game. First, they took a look at the flat Super Mario Bros. level maps, courtesy of Next, they calculated Mario’s NES stride according to that of an average human male with his legs slightly parted, which came out to 26 inches. This length was then used to approximate just how far the brave plumber travels on his journey to save the most horridly protected princess in video game history.

Mario NES level

In a journey of no bonus areas, warps, or idle jogging about, Mario runs 17,835 feet, which is 3.4 miles. The water levels themselves involve 1218.5 feet of swimming, “about 7 and a half laps in an Olympic-sized pool.” Now when you look at Mario, just think, you’re not nearly as fit as this plumber.

Thanks to mental_floss for doing the math (somebody needs to).

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