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Microsoft's Dying Windows Phone Can Be Saved by Gaming


Microsoft's Dying Windows Phone Can Be Saved by Gaming

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2.5 percent. 2.5 percent of all smartphones bear the Windows logo, nearly 12 percent goes to the iPhone, and about 85 percent are Android phones.

Without going into the specifics of hardware manufacturing, app support, or why I choose Windows Phone as my daily driver, I’d like to examine a few avenues that I believe Microsoft can travel to reverse the decline in market share. It starts with changing the focus of the platform to be more gaming-centric. After all, the gaming ecosystem on Windows Phone is arguably the best feature.

Xbox Controller Support

Xbox One Controller ConfigXbox One Controller

This is a no-brainer. Let me use my Xbox One controller to play games on my phone. Smartphones have had controller support for a while, but they never succeed in emulating that console-like experience. Mobile controllers, more often than not, sacrifice comfort, and button placement, in favor of a smaller form factor. The end result is an experience moderately better than playing on a touch screen.

Sure, the Xbox One controller is a large device to carry around with you, but throwing it in a bag or purse is a negligible compromise when it results in console-quality controls on your mobile. Allowing the usage of Xbox One controllers on Windows Phone also opens up room for new features.

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