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Michael Pachter: Microsoft Plans On Future Without Xbox


Michael Pachter: Microsoft Plans On Future Without Xbox

Everyone’s favorite security analyst – and probable reasons why people know what a security analyst even is – Michael Pachter of Webush Securities said some interesting things about the future of console gaming recently. At GamesBeat 2014 in San Francisco, he explained to moderator* Geoff Keighly that Microsoft’s recent purchase of Minecraft developer, Mojang, is a sign that Microsoft is switching platforms to mobile and PC gaming.

“I think consoles are going away, because you used to need a console because you could not connect a microprocessor to your TV screen,” Pachter said. “Now, if you have a Chromecast stick or a Roku box, you can. So why do we buy consoles? I mean, your phone will be powerful enough to power any game in two more generations. And, so, why buy a console? I think Microsoft actually knows that.”

He also suggests that the middling reviews for Destiny are a sign that new franchises lack certain qualities to keep the console industry up and running. Personally I find this argument less applicable seeing as Destiny sold a lot of units. Like, a buttload of units.

I think it’s an interesting theory in a debate that’s been heating up fairly recently. With many explaining that the newest generation of consoles are already out of date, it would make sense that Microsoft would fallback on the most successful PC and mobile game currently on the market. Personally, if Microsoft does plan for an end to the Xbox series of consoles, I think having Minecraft in their stables is an incredibly smart fallback plan, even if they decide not to tamper with it in any ways aside from slapping a Microsoft logo to its front.

With 4K televisions incoming and most PCs outperforming the newest consoles, what are your thoughts on the future of consoles?

[VentureBeat: Michael Pachter: Microsoft is preparing for life after the Xbox]


*Dorrito King

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