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Marin County, California is Trading Ice Cream for Violent Video Games. Here are 5 Better Ideas


Marin County, California is Trading Ice Cream for Violent Video Games. Here are 5 Better Ideas

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Yesterday, I wrote a story about how officials in Marin County (near San Francisco) have implemented a buyback program in which people can bring in their violent video games in exchange for cash or even ice cream. According to the organizers, it’s goal is to “inspire people to become part of the movement to creative peace in a violence-free environment.” I know the initial knee-jerk reaction for many of you is to resort to the usual gamer stance of, “VIDEO GAMES DON’T CAUSE VIOLENCE!”, or “THOSE PARENTS SHOULD JUST BE BETTER PARENTS!”, and finishing off with “I’VE BEEN PLAYING GTA SINCE I WAS 9 AND I’M OKAY!” I get it, I get it. Relax.

"Sweet! I got $4 for these ones!"

“Sweet! I got $4 for these ones!”

If you’re an American — and I’m assuming most of you are based on our analytics — you don’t need to worry about video games being banned. They have been deemed as protected by your First Amendment by no less than your highest court of law. That shit is locked down, so don’t freak out about this. In fact, I’m proposing that the video game community should embrace the trade-in ethos fully; take the basic structure of this program and create a buyback system for pretty much anything related to games. Besides, any deal that exists below is all but guaranteed to be better than getting screwed by trading in your games at GameStop. So here are some buyback strategies for products or for food that I think we should all totally get behind.

NHL 15 for NHL 14 (or Taco Kit*)

Not even Anze Kopitar can save this game...

Not even Anze Kopitar can save this game…

This one is pretty obvious; EA has been getting slammed for releasing the newest installment in its beloved NHL series as a hollow husk of a game. It’s almost as if they made a top 10 list of things its fans like, and then took them out. Anyway, there wasn’t really anything much wrong with NHL 14 so a 1 for 1 trade is more than reasonable. Besides, the money’s been spent and it all ends up in EA’s pocket so it’s frankly win-win for them.

*Tacos not included in taco kit.

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