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3 Ways Lords of the Fallen can Overcome Xbox One 900p Shame


3 Ways Lords of the Fallen can Overcome Xbox One 900p Shame

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By now news has reached the entire scope of video game news that there is a serious problem with City Interactive’s upcoming action RPG, Lords of the Fallen. It’s not the quality of the game itself that’s the problem, but rather that this game is going to be 1080p on the PS4 and 900p on Xbox One. For most people (like myself, for example) who are interested in video games, this type of thing is only interesting because it’s fun to watch people take the stage and play out their roles in the eternal game of “My Toy is Better than Your Toy.”

Fair play to Sony however; they have made it easier for City Interactive to squeeze out some extra resolution for Lords of the Fallen and Microsoft has not. As penance, Microsoft should be made to suffer for this and I have a couple of ideas how.

Writing Lines

Let’s face it, this whole ‘console war’ thing is pretty much the same thing as children on a playground saying ‘Nuh-uh’ to each other, so let’s go with it. Xbox Chief Phil Spencer must write out “I will be 1080p” 100 times on a blackboard in plain sight of video game fans who care about this sort of thing until he learns his lesson.


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