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If You like These 5 Games You Will Definitely Like Destiny


If You like These 5 Games You Will Definitely Like Destiny

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Destiny is a buffet of all different ideas rolled into one epic title. While it stands out on its own, it’s clearly inspired by many other games. If you’re on the fence on whether to buy Destiny or not, consider if you liked any these games and the ideas that they represent. Chances are if you’re a fan of at least a couple of these games, you’ll enjoy Destiny as well.

Borderlands Series

Because You like First Person Shooters with RPG Elements


It can be argued that Borderlands put the FPS-RPG genre on the map. There are so many similarities between Destiny and the Borderlands games that if you are a big fan of the latter not trying out Destiny is doing a disservice to yourself.

Just like in Borderlands, you’ll be choosing between three different classes with branching skill trees. Classes aren’t locked into certain guns in Destiny so you have the freedom to mix and match depending on your play style just as you did in Borderlands.

Also, the games are similar in that while they both have RPG inspired elements, they are still shooters at heart. Skill trees help narrow your specialization but ultimately your success is dependent on how well you can shoot and dodge bullets. One important difference however is the frequency of which you’ll be discovering loot. Unlike Borderlands where guns are so disposable that you can literally throw them at enemies, in Destiny, guns and armor get a little more mileage. The loot system in Destiny is more similar to the next game on this list.

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