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Killzone Devs New Game Concept Art Possibly Leaked, Featuring Robo-Dinos


Killzone Devs New Game Concept Art Possibly Leaked, Featuring Robo-Dinos

Robots and dinos and…vikings? Oh my.

According to a Chinese message board poster on, the new game from Killzone developer Guerrilla Games is codenamed “Horizon” and features robot dinosaurs. Guerrilla skipped out on E3  this year to give their unannounced game more polish. At the time, gaffer shinobi602 Tweeted the following about the game:

Only two pieces of concept art have been leaked so far, but they look gorgeous–and intriguing.


One very interesting post on A9VG regarding the leak mentions “Gonzales” and “New Vegas”. This is a reference to John R. Gonzales, the former Lead Designer for Fallout New Vegas, who is known to be a part of Guerrilla Games. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it gives this leak some believability. Read the posted information below (translated from Chinese):

Open World RPG 16.EXE 

Before outflow characteristics 

– Open World RPG 

– Unique biological and vivid full interactive environment 

– Is still science fiction, including mechanical dinosaurs 

– The main character has a red-haired woman 

– Release date is scheduled for autumn 2015 

– Development time has almost close to three years 

– Screenwriter chief playwright Gonzales radiation from the new Vegas.  


An open world RPG with mecha-dinos and former Fallout devs? Sign me up!

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