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Sony CEO Hirai: "Destiny and I Were Never That Serious" (Satire)


Sony CEO Hirai: "Destiny and I Were Never That Serious" (Satire)

As a series of middling reviews have begun to roll in for Bungie’s new shooter Destiny, questions have arisen about Sony’s relationship with the developer. While not a console exclusive, this game’s marketing and promotional campaign have focused much more squarely on the PS4 than Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 systems. That, coupled with a slate of exclusive DLC for PS4 owners suggests a deeper relationship and long-term support for this game. Recent comments by Sony CEO Kaz Hirai however may signal a step back on the part of his company.

Spotted today at Mickey’s Irish Pub in downtown Chicago, Hirai was seen throwing back a few pints and playing pool. When asked to share his thoughts about the review scores for Destiny he downplayed the relationship that up until recently appeared to be serious. “Look, Destiny and I only went out a few times and that was it”, Hirai stated. “I can’t speak for Destiny. I mean, maybe it thinks we’re…you know, ‘a thing’ or whatever, but I can’t control that and I never made any promises.”

Asked if he had any regrets about tying the PlayStation brand so closely to Destiny or if he would consider doing this with a future game, he only replied, “After Jagermeister shots at 2AM I’ll market pretty much anything. It is what it is.” before finishing his beer and going to the corner to play some Cabela’s.

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